Identify the qualities and points of attention of your team quickly and clearly

For whom?

You are curious about the performance of your team and you would like to map it clearly. You have the idea that there is 'something', but you find it difficult to pinpoint the sore spot. You would like to have an overview of the qualities and know where the development opportunities lie.
The Team Diagnostic Instrument is a great tool to quickly and adequately visualize the functioning of the team, both in terms of the 'hard' side (roles and tasks, leadership, responsibilities) and the 'soft' side (respect, trust, communication).


  • The team has a clear picture of which factors are well developed and which factors are the development opportunities to grow towards a High Performance Team. After the workshop there is a concrete action plan and the team has more ownership of its performance.


All team members fill in a questionnaire online and anonymously, which results in a clear picture. This image is presented in a workshop in which we work with the results from the team scan. We pay attention to the aspects that are already developed and together with the team a concrete action plan is drawn up to grow towards a team that functions optimally on both the hard and the soft sides. If necessary, a post-measurement can be taken after a period of team coaching so that it becomes clear what development the team has gone through. Our experience shows that teams show an average improvement of 15-20% in both productivity and positivity after six months.

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