Who we are

Three professionals with an infectious enthusiasm

Our team

Three professionals with an infectious enthusiasm who know what they are talking about. Who have proven that they can create lasting results. Who have sought each other out from their independent entrepreneurship because together you can achieve so much more.
Three different people, who have found each other in love for the profession and who go for 'getting the most out of it'. With a wink, because humor and playfulness are the oil in the machine...
Bas Arends
Clear, sharp and personal
Louise Kemps
Warm, dynamical and result-oriented
Caroline van Hoogstraten
Sparkling, to-the-point and personal

The name 'Stach'

Stach is the main character in the book 'De Koning van Katoren' by Jan Terlouw. We found our inspiration in the message this book conveys. The assignments given to Stach seemed almost impossible. Still, he managed to successfully complete all assignments and become king. How he did that according to Jan Terlouw?

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