Caroline van Hoogstraten

Sparkling, to-the-point and personal

Training and coaching in organizations is my passion

My focus is on strengthening talent, ambition and power, both in people and in their relationships. Training and coaching in organizations has been my passion for more than twenty years.
I enjoy seeing people or groups become more skilled in choosing and creating a life that gives fulfillment. I believe that inspired people and good relationships are the basis for creating organizations and for a fulfilling life in general.
I am powerful, warm, playful, sensitive and result-oriented. I have the guts to fire the pan and stick with it when it hurts. I combine the good from different methods ('eclectic', nicely put) and work on different levels: mental, emotional, physical and energetic. I like to continuously develop myself professionally and personally. Quality, humor and authenticity are important values ​​to me. That applies to my personal life, my relationships and my work. Although I believe in the power of intuition, I see it as a challenge to always find a scientific basis for my work. In addition to working for Stach, I am a trainer for coaches and I provide in-company programs as a freelancer. 

Main qualifications:
  • Psychologist NIP
  • Certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
  • Certified Mindfulness trainer
  • Certified Organization and Relationship Systems Coach (systemic team coach)
  • Acceptance and Commitment Trainer (ACT)
  • Insights Discovery Practitioner (Accredited)
Sparkling, to-the-point and personal, Caroline makes light bulbs go off!
Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel, Manager Business Development, Schouten & Nelissen Coaching
I have worked with Caroline a number of times now, both as a coach and as a trainer. Time and again she manages to get people moving with her sparkling appearance. Caroline gets to the heart of the matter, mediocrity does not occur to her; professionalism and expertise always come first. She focuses on collaboration and creating each other, which makes working with Caroline a pleasure.
Gabby Staal, Department Director ABN AMRO, Certified Coach, Trainer
Caroline is able to coach you in a very natural way. She is straightforward and mentions things as they are, without compromising safety: every time you feel very invited to share things with her. I am still amazed at the insights she has given me in a short time and the essential changes that have brought me as a result.
Lisette, Consultant in a Non-Profit Organization

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