Bas Arends

Clear, sharp and personal

Empowering People

My mission is to empower people so that they act authentically and dare to make powerful choices. In other words, let people perform in what they are really good at and enjoy.
This ensures that organizations are decisive, flexible and innovative. Real use is made of people's potential.
My focus over the past 20 years has been to develop people in the field of Management Development and Personal Leadership among professionals. My experience has been built up during my work at various training agencies, a wide variety of in-company processes at various organizations and 10 years as an independent entrepreneur. I enjoy strengthening people in their own leadership. Just so because managers and professionals themselves must give direction to themselves, their work, career and organization, whereby taking influence and connecting with yourself and others is essential. I find it very fascinating to sail your own course within this force field.


I work action-oriented, love dynamism, quality, humor, combined with common sense and depth. Over the years, it has become apparent that my way of working is very striking for the participants and coachees I work with. From evaluations they characterized me as authentic, safe, know how to get to the core, practical, positive, result-oriented, respectful, confronting and clarifying. In addition to working for Stach, I am a trainer for coaches and I provide in-company processes for a number of colleagues. 

Main qualifications:

  • A&O psychologist
  • Certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
  • Accredited by the International Coaching Federation (MCC)
  • Certified Organization and Relationship Systems Coach (systemic team coach)
  • Certified Insights facilitator
  • Certified facilitator Team Diagnostic Assessment (TDA)
  • Outdoor methodologies in training
  • Mindfulness certified trainer
Bas acted as trainer and coach in my Talent Development trajectory. He also supervised the Personal leadership module. Although I initially dismissed Personal Leadership as soft and hazy, Bas has stimulated me enormously to take action through his approach. By asking direct and critical questions, sometimes very confronting, but also very necessary, he has enabled me to remove a number of blind spots from myself. Bas is pleasant, professional and personal to interact with. This, together with a noticeable result for others in my area, makes me recommend Bas wholeheartedly!
Eelco, Manager Risk Management Systems at a big Dutch bank
Bas is an open person who, by asking sharp questions, ensures that you take a critical look at yourself. Bas further helps you to determine what your goals are and then helps you to achieve these goals by means of critical, confrontational and honest questions. Keywords that apply to Bas: Honest, sincere, direct, confronting mirror, humor, open.
Evert, team leader at a big Dutch bank

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