The Story

With a contemporary message

The Message

'De Koning van Katoren’ ('The King of Katoren') is a book by Jan Terlouw from 1971 - with a message that is still applicable to present-day. Not only in society, but also in organizations.

The birds of Decibel - People have their eyes and ears covered and don't listen to each other. How is that in your organization?

The pomegranate tree of Weaponfact - People often feel attacked quickly. They react aggressively and arm and guard themselves. To what extent do your people dare to take off their armor and say what it really is like with an open mind?

The dragon of Smoke - We live in a world that is getting dirty. Literally and figuratively. What is the climate like in your organization?

The shuffling churches of Uikumene - Despite the many differences of opinion, everyone actually feels the need to move in one direction together. Is that direction clear for you in the organization? To what extent are your noses faced in the same direction?

Jumpers from St. Aloïsius - Are we thinking enough about what we should or shouldn't do? Do we really have to do that extra assignment? Are assignments and tasks performed in your organization that actually have little added value?

The knobbly noses of Swindle-Rye - Nobody owns the wisdom. Moreover, we can do a lot ourselves, even if we do not always realize this or the other does not give us that confidence. To what extent do you give your people the confidence that they can do it themselves?

The wizard of Ekilibria - A sacrifice for the greater picture, who else still does it? To what extent are your people willing to put their own interests at the service of the common interest?

The chair of Clause-Wood - Cooperation also means having the guts to let the talent of the other rise above yourself. Does your organization give people the space to maximize their potential? 

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