Individual Coaching

Do you want your qualities to shine brighter?

For whom?

For leaders and professionals who feel that there is more to it than to come out. They realize that they are role models and want to learn how to increase their impact. Who want to inspire the team with a clear vision.
For people who want to learn how to make powerful choices which fit their razor-sharp focus. Who want to be authentic and have the courage to act firmly when necessary.
Even if you, as a leader, want to find ways to facilitate your employees instead of instruct them. A STACH coach is an investment in yourself and helps you to find a healthy balance in work and private life. 


A STACH coach aims to let you discover from strength and authenticity what really drives you as a leader and as a person. The coach does this by entering into an equal relationship with you. Helps you make powerful choices that give you the most satisfaction. Teaches you how to deal with roadblocks ahead that you may face. Search with you for what makes your flame burn and what gives you energy. In addition to a solid professional background, the STACH coach has the guts to be real and touchable and to start the process together with you.

The STACH coach helps you realize your ambitions so that you get the most out of life and work. 


A coaching process consists of an exploratory intake interview and an average of 5 coaching sessions, depending on the question.

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