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Is your organization constantly in motion and is it looking for how vision and strategy are actually implemented in all layers of your organization?
Do you want a successful, innovative and enterprising organization? With a lot of ambition and without too much bureaucracy?


The Leadership Program is a tailor-made program and supports top and middle management in translating the joint vision and strategy into clear acting and actions in daily practice. The managers experience ownership of the strategy. And they each recognize the translation process for their own team or department. This program is always tailored to our clients. We combine your question and our vision on leadership into an effective program:

1. What leadership qualities does the organization expect?

  • - Shaping our mission and strategy
  • - Strengthening our innovation power
  • - Result-oriented management
  • - Leadership in change 

2. What leadership qualities does the organization expect?

  • - Igniting and stimulating the ambition of the employees
  • - Strengthening the team atmosphere
  • - Connecting everyone's personal ambitions and qualities with the organizational strategy 

3. What do you stand for as a leader?

  • - Acting based on your own values ​​and beliefs
  • - Making authentic and powerful choices
  • - Strengthening your own personal leadership
  • - Working from pleasure and decisiveness 


In our tailor-made programs we integrate training with strategic team cases, creative working methods, coaching, intervision and consulting. Martial arts, improvisational theater, mindfulness and outdoor activities are also used when they fit the needs of the organization or the team.

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