Leadership from a Coaching Approach

Give yourself and your team a boost

For whom?

You lead a team and you want your people to take more ownership and initiative. You want to ignite the personal ambitions, motivations and qualities of your employees, so that they feel inspired and can work with more pleasure. Therefore, they work more effectively. Hence, together you achieve the desired results. 

In this program you will learn to use the full potential of your employees and to steer towards the desired output. You learn the skills to be an effective leader. And let your team members do their job well. And you get a thorough understanding of yourself, your own strengths and limitations. Because you as a person make the difference.

Number of participants

Min. 6 and max. 12 participants
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After this program:

  • … you act from your own consciousness, your own strength and your own values
  • … you use your coaching skills to guide your employees effectively
  • … you as a leader know how to link the vision and values ​​of your organization to those of your employees … you know your people, you outline frameworks, stimulate and make adjustments
  • … you can be a real manager and you can use your own talents and obstacles in such a way that they help your employees to flourish
  • … you create more ownership for the result among your employees
  • … you know how to conduct effective coaching conversations
  • … you know what to do to achieve results together
  • … you have more flexibility in your coaching style, so that your leadership is tailored to the needs of your individual team members
  • … you give clear feedback and you also have the guts to make changes
  • … you positively influence the atmosphere by giving clear compliments and by celebrating successes
  • … you have more time for the tasks that are designed for your own position, instead of taking over the tasks of your employees 
You have several years of experience as a manager. You realize what your role as a manager and as a leader entails. You are looking for the ideal combination of result orientation and the personal development of your employees.

You now notice that: 

  • … you can get more out of your people, but that it does not work out, or it costs an unnecessary amount of energy
  • … your people work on routine and automatic pilot and don't seem to enjoy their work so much
  • … it seems as if your people shut down and sometimes react paralyzed
  • … you are so (or too) solution-oriented that you give too little room to your team members for their own initiative
  • … you are too understanding for the wellbeing of your employees and you lose sight of the result
  • … or you find it uncomfortable to change the subject of the conversation from personal wellbeing into the issue of goals and results
  • … you are constantly putting out fires and you do not have enough time for tactical and strategic tasks … you want to create more ownership with your people for their own projects and activities
  • … you judge or advise too quickly
  • … you already coach based on gut feeling, but want more structure and concrete handles, in order to facilitate your team members in the best possible way
  • … there is too little depth in your conversations, and they do not lead to growing and developing self-management of your employees  
The Leadership from a Coaching Approach program is about the ‘Being’ and ‘Doing’ of the leader. Insights into who you are and what your vision is on the development of people. From there you will learn how to link the organizational and team goals to the goals and values ​​of your team members. 

You achieve this by practicing skills for good coaching throughout the program. And you will be coached, which gives you insight into your own ambitions, values, talents and personal obstacles. We believe that if you can lead yourself and if you are truly inspired, you are actually able to coach others from your managerial role. Coaching leadership is something that you shape together in the mutual relationship between you and your team members; it is two-sided. 

We will also work with the difference between coaching and leadership from a coaching approach: the result-oriented guidance of your people, conversation skills ('doing') and your personal style in this ('being'). You learn to both combine the development of employees with achieving the desired results. A coaching leader is responsible for both: development and results.

Program design

The entire process consists of an intake interview, a preparatory assignment, reading study material, three training modules, your own action plan after each training module, intermediate reflection, an intermediate individual coaching conversation with one of the trainers, various reading assignments and intervision with your fellow participants between every module. And you share your own development and sources of inspiration and you keep each other informed of your own actions and process during the program. The three module each last two days, including an evening program on the first day. The entire duration of the training is 5 months.
What are your qualities, what are your learning goals and how do you prepare for the training
Module 1
Who am I; coaching skills
Module 2
Me and my employees; leadership skills
Module 3
Me and my team; team coaching / systemic skills
This program costs €3.300,00 excluding VAT. 

Accommodation costs:
Day package without overnight stays: €455,25 (room, coffee, tea, 2 x lunch, snack, dinner day 1)

Day package including 3 nights and breakfast: €615,00 

All costs are exclusive of VAT.
Dates 2021
Individual intake: in consultation
Module 1: to be announced
Module 2: to be announced
Module 3: to be announced

Timetable per module
Day 1: 9.30 AM until 8.00 PM 
Day 2: 9.00 AM until 4.00 PM

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