Personal Power Leadership Program

Increase your personal impact

For whom?

The hustle and bustle of everyday life in any organization requires personal leadership from both managers and professionals. This program strengthens your ability to self-direct your (working) life. 

If you want to get the most out of yourself and make a difference, this program is for you. We help you to recognize and manage your self-imposed limitations. You recognize your personal talents, values ​​and qualities again. And you know how to act from there. You step out of your automatic patterns and can consciously choose behavior. You learn to stay close to yourself and take more effective action. Which helps you have more impact on your environment.

Number of participants

Min. 6 and max. 12 participants
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After this program 

  • … you are in control again
  • … you are aware of your own potential and your own strength again, you can be who you are
  • … you have the courage to choose what is important to you
  • … you know what your obstacles are and how you can deal with it
  • … you can step out of your patterns and switch the auto pilot off, and consciously choose behavior
  • … you know how to take the lead in challenging situations, and make powerful choices
  • … you feel much more energy, clarity and decisiveness
  • … you bring balance in your working life and you are resilient to pressure and stress
  • … you have a bigger impact and you communicate more effectively with your environment, more effortlessly
This training suits you if you want to make a difference by leading from your own authentic strength. You want to shape your life and work based on your own values ​​and beliefs. You want to feel a solid foundation to act successfully based on your talents and qualities. No longer achieve goals based on your habitual patterns, on doubt and on working hard to meet your targets, but you can rely on yourself and feel the trust to be able to collaborate with people at any level. You long to feel lively and energetic again.

You now notice that you sometimes

  • ... have the idea that you are being lived instead of being in control yourself
  • ... actually know how you want to be or how you want to approach it, but are looking for a way how to shape this
  • ... are the one who is holding back. You feel you do not live and act to the fullest, as you actually really want
  • ... have doubts whether you are doing the right thing
  • ... know that you can do better than this, but it somehow does not work the way you want it
  • ... are doing what you think others think is good and not making choices based on your own beliefs
  • ... feel tired at the end of the day and are unhappy with the way you do things at work 
In this program you get a clear picture of who you are and what your most important qualities and motivations are. You take stock of your work experience so far. You learn to recognize what your personal defense mechanisms and patterns are. And you will learn how you can bend those in order to show and give the best of yourself. You get a better insight into the culture of the organization in which you work and how you deal with it in your specific way. 

Throughout the program you will be encouraged to embody your personal leadership as much as you can, being facilitated to do so. An investment that will benefit you and your organization throughout your working life, because it brings you to what gives you the most energy, vitality and satisfaction. It brings you back to who you really are. 

The duration of the program is five months. Each module lasts two days, including an evening program on the first day.

Program design

Who are you and who are we, what are your learning objectives?
Module 1
My own strength and my obstacles
Individual coaching by one of the trainers
Module 2
My impact in relation to the other
Module 3
Acting effectively from your authentic strength

In between the modules

You get started with your personal action plan. You work in pairs between the modules and, with a Group App, you celebrate each other's successes, share your insights and inspire and support each other.

In addition, you have an individual coaching conversation with the trainer and a mentor conversation at work.

This program costs €3.600,00 excluding VAT. 

Accommodation costs:
Day package without overnight stays: €600,00 (room, coffee, tea, 2 x lunch, snack, dinner day 1)

Day package including 3 nights and breakfast: € 825,00

These accommodation costs are excluding VAT.
Dates group 1 2024
Individual intake: in consultation
Module 1: 11th and 12th of March
Module 2: 15th and 16th of April
Module 3: 13th and 14th of May
Individual coaching: in between module 2 and 3; to be determined individually
Evaluation meeting: to be later decided

Timetable per module
Day 1: 9.30 AM until 8.00 PM 
Day 2: 9.00 AM until 4.00 PM 

Hotel "De Lunterse Boer" in Lunteren, area of the Hoge Veluwe www.lunterseboer.nl