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About the development of teams

“Team coaching, a more than excellent experience”
according to Ton de Jong, Director Facilities at Vodafone Ziggo
  In 5 months time, all managers within the facilities department of Vodafone-Ziggo have undergone a team coaching process. Ton de Jong, ultimately responsible for the accommodation and all facility services within Vodafone-Ziggo, shares his experience … 

The question
“After a merging process and a period of almost only project-based activities under high time pressure, I noticed that within my nationally operating team there was high productivity, but that the positivity was something that wasn’t present anymore. At some point, team coaching came my way and together with my management team members we decided to start the team coaching process for all managers within my department. With a total of 11 managers, we set to work together with Caroline van Hoogstraten and Bas Arends.” 

The solution
"We started with a ‘team assessment’ where each team member could give his/her opinion anonymously about how he/she experienced the team. During the first meeting the results of the ‘team assessment’ were shared. The results were also the starting point for discussing the underlying feelings. Through a number of sessions we got to work together on our team. Not only during the sessions, but also during the daily activities." 

The result
"I really saw the team grow by the week: mutual trust grew, respect for each other grew, the realization that you can make mistakes grew, etc. After about 5 months we were able to complete the team coaching process together. We also did a ‘post-course team assessment’. My own observation was confirmed: the team had really made a big step forward. The degree of positivity had increased by no less than 24% and productivity by 19%! A more than excellent result! Which we as a team are really proud of.” 
“Experienced professionals Caroline and Bas have laid the foundation for “our team” in a few good workshops. Because after the reorganization in which technical professionals changed location, function and manager, the atmosphere and performance was not good. Inspiring, open and sometimes confrontational Caroline and Bas guided us on our march of unity and diversity: “One for all and all for one”. Thank you!”
Marc Miessen manager Video Engineering Vodafone-Ziggo

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