About Individual Coaching

A number of quotes from our clients

About individual coaching

John, IT director at a cable company and internet provider, came for a coaching process to increase his organizational sensitivity. His relationship was also in dire straits. He writes about the guidance:
“I have regained balance in my life, in my work, our family, my relationship and myself personally. I have been able to maintain my relationship and my family. Now I have a more intense bond with my children and a more loving relationship with my partner. I have formulated values and goals that give me direction. And I have discovered a source of energy that has become coaching for employees. On a personal level I take much more space to be who I am. I no longer tell myself off so much on my actions. I can let go much better. Gee ... it looks like an episode of a Metamorphosis program. But really, the results speak for themselves in that respect."
John, IT director at a cable company and internet provider
"I feel stronger, my head is calmer and I have more confidence in myself and in the future. I am now sailing on the river that I had already chosen to sail - I have started moving. I am more active in activating my network and through these conversations. I regularly notice that all this time I have seen myself so differently from what I really am. It is unfolding more and more and I dare to trust it.”
Mirjam, HR Manager at the IT department of a large Dutch bank
"Insight. In my thinking process. In my talent and in my abilities. In my saboteurs. These insights have caused a breakthrough for me. I now feel that I am in control of my life. I can speed up or slow down when I want to or if I need it. It has helped me a lot to take a step back and see what is happening inside me. To acknowledge my own sabotaging thoughts instead of fighting against them. Words cannot express how happy I am with the result of this process of opening up and being honest with myself. I now act from who I am and who I want to be. From my values, and no longer from my limiting beliefs. I have broken the eternal circle of self-criticism. I have not only gained insights, but also practical tools that permanently help me in my daily life to find balance, to feel my own strength and to act from there."
Len, Logistics Manager at a producer of consumer products

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